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Light up your world with Mighty Bright

Light up your world with Mighty Bright

These excellent lights are extremely flexible and are ideal for a whole range of uses. The L.E.D. lights combined with flexible arms means that you can direct the light exactlly where you want it. For example the Xtraflex features a Super L.E.D. which produces three times as much as a regular L.E.D. whilst remaining compact in size. Because it is an L.E.D. you never have to change the bulb and there are no hot spots. The wide, smooth illumination provides superior coverage through a unique light-spreading lens.

The flexible arm of the Mighty Bright lights allows you to direct light quickly and easily in infinite directions. The compact styling and collapsible arm, which conforms to the base, allows the Mighty Bright to be easily stored or transported.

Mighty Bright: The Craft Light For You
The Mighty Bright Lights can be put to many uses but three key areas are:

•Hobby light
•Music stand light
•Reading light

Hobby Light
Mighty Bright Lights can be used for many other crafts and hobbies. The base and clip allow the light to be attached to frames, sewing machines and hoops and light up your workspace with an intensity that other lights lack.

Key Uses :

General Crafts & Hobbies, Art, Calligraphy, Needlework, Sewing, Scrapbooking, Quilting, Books/Patterns, Paper Crafts, Jewelry/Beads, Fly Tying, Model Building, Collectable's Photo, Rubber stamps.

Music Stand Light
The Mighty Bright Lights are great at illuminating sheet music stands. They offer an extremely flexible LED light for your music stand or low light situations backstage. Position in ANY direction imaginable! Self standing or clip to any surface.

Key Uses :

Music Stands, Keyboard & Amp stands, Piano Music Racks, Instrument Lyres, Mixing Boards, Light Boards, DJ uses, Guitar Tech uses, Backstage uses, Practice, Recitals, School, Orchestras/Gigs

Reading Light
With the extremely flexible wire coil gooseneck, you can position theMighty Bright light in ANY direction imaginable! It can clip to a book or it can stand on its own. See your book clearly and let your partner sleep in peace.

Key Uses :

Reading, Writing, Studying, Computer, Typing, Traveling, Map light, Emergency light, Night light, Task light

Large Orders

We have supplied Might Bright Lights to customers ranging from Orchestras to Fire Brigades. If you have a large order then we can offer discounts. Please ring 0121 702 2840 or email to discuss.